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Australia – Ozhadou recently revamped their website and forums, do visit for the excellent Australian community

Singapore – Our very own forum and website for the Singapore arcade community growing strength to strength represent in Godsgarden

Yagami and rchan represented SG in Tokyo’s inaugral SF4 pre-SBO event. Read all about it here I will be joining them soon can’t wait!!!

New blog and tournament videos of SF4 Singapore

Pretty exciting times, with the arrival of SF4 in Singapore last November the community has been slowly building. We now have a blog and bi-weekly tournaments.

SF4 Singapore

SF4 Singapore

Visit us at for news and videos. Here’s the inaugural 1st tournament Finals videos 16 Jan between Weijie (RY) vs Raven (BA)

Part 1:


More can be found on Yagami’s Youtube channel

Also do join us in person for the bi-weekly tournaments held in Bugis TKA Virtualand, we are a friendly bunch and welcome all. Much bigger things are in store in coming weeks!

OHN7 announced – Australian Nationals

The dates have been confirmed, get hyped during 6-7 Dec for the annual fighting game nationals!

Visit the OHN7 website for more details

Australia's annual fighting game tournaments

Australia's annual fighting game tournaments

Street Fighter Tournaments in Singapore

Bugis Virtualand is organising SF tournaments for SF fans in anticipation for SF4! I got to know this only last week when the ST tournament was on. You can find more details here at TKAWorld

ST Tournament at Bugis

ST Tournament at Bugis

Do join if you are interested in CvS2. I managed to get a shot of their setup during the ST tournament, they have a very professional setup and obviously looking to draw back the crowd. Props to them, the previous post I made ages ago is untrue now as customers are being looked after.

Now to get them to include 3S. On Fridays we actually have queues for the 3S machine now, hope this continues and players keep coming in.

Singapore Street Fighter tournaments

Singapore Street Fighter tournaments

SBO Tougeki ’08 3S Full report

As promised the Full report.

The night before the big day

Went to Game Sakura Inn and met up with Ino. He hooked me up with Inzai and Keeper for last chance qualifier. That “got boiled my blood” <– classic Jack quote LOL. I genuinely felt we had a chance. Keeper needs no introduction, and Inzai is a really really really good Chun. In fact Keeper, Inzai and Tokido were all high school classmates :o I’m guessing peer pressure made them all 3S gods.

The arcade was unusually packed, some big names showed in the final night before SBO 3S day. Chinta had numerous win streaks, as well as Yuki Otoko raping people left right centre. MOV showed up with his right hand in a cast and he was still playing SF4, although a bit hampered so no one batted an eyelid.

Finally saw the Chinese team, recognised and chatted with the Yun 小刘 from past year but didn’t see much of them in action.

Players started disappearing to rest up for the big day ahead so no overnite session of course. I went back to the hotel and posted a quickie, sorry if it was misleading :(

SBO day 2 Morning

On my way to the Differ venue, by chance met Justin Wong in the train station along with other American players. Got chatting a bit, about Australia and the OHN which he swept and wished him luck for the day before the WHOLE OF JAPAN boarded the train. I had no idea WTF was going on but within seconds it was filled to the brim. Upon reaching the station, I rushed to the venue after thanking Justin for directions, and met up with Keeper and Inzai. They are both very friendly and laidback, and we promptly signed up did the mandatory visit to the convenience store to stock up on drinks. Keeper did some investigation work, if we got through we will face either Nitto’s team or Tsubo’s team … he was that optimistic and looking far. Fingers crossed but luck wasn’t on our side as mentioned in previous post.

Once again I didn’t even get a chance to compete. I AM JINXED. Onto the qualifiers.

3S Last chance qualifiers

This event was something to behold. Dozens of great Japanese players who didn’t qualify, alongside hopeful foreigners and the anticipation of “will we get it” all adds up to the aura. For first-timers, it is VERY overwhelming so come prepared. Here’s a picture to give you an idea of the chaotic and tense situation.

SBO 2008 Last chance qualifier scene

SBO 2008 3S Last chance qualifier scene

In the draw for the 16 teams who will be eligible, it is broken up into 3 categories. 1st category “Gaijin priority” – teams consisting of all foreigners are given an edge. I counted a total of 6 foreign teams who were chosen for this category. 2nd category was Japanese players who missed out on top spot in the area qualifiers I believe, a bit unclear on this. The 3rd and last category was “Misc” <– basically anything goes, random selection of the remaining teams.

Once the 16 were finalised the matches started almost immediately. No time for wussies, players had to step up or lose-n-go-home.  Highlights include Thanatos again!! becoming a 1-man noise machine LOL even while he’s playing. I apologise for misinformation, Sugiyama did not get through to Final 32. The match I witnessed where he OCV the opposition by doing repeated 3HP (b+fierce) corner juggles was in fact the 3rd placing match. He made those 1 frame execution look ridiculously easy. As only top 2 teams go through (Kashi/Mester/Kera + C13/Konitan/Youhei), he narrowly missed out as explained on his blog. Bracket again for your viewing pleasure.

SBO 2008 Last chance qualifier bracket

SBO 2008 3S Last chance qualifier bracket

After the last chance qualifiers are done the machines are freed up to enable last minute practice for the main tournament. Kokujin was destroying everyone when I was up there watching. There were also many Elena players Hoi must have learnt a lot.

Hokuto Final 32

Onto the main events. I had no idea what’s going on during Hokuto matches but the crowd started chanted during what I presume was an infinite (kinda like Genei-Jin combos which run into 100+ hits OMFG). “Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi …. <miss> Awwwwwwwww … then connects again OiOiOiOiOi!!!!” Hahaha it was so fun to spectate as the entire crowd got into it but as players it must have sucked. I know nothing about this game.

KOF Final 32

The Heavy D Taiwan player was very good I saw something similiar to Dudley’s overhead into SA kinda combo. The Brian US footy guy also got the crowd going, it was doing some funky Zidane aerial headbutt but I really wasn’t paying attention. 3S was up next.

3S Final 32

This year was nuts. I thought last year could not be topped but this year once again witnessed crazy shit you have to see live in order to appreciate the game that is 3S. Before I start I have to say that Raoh’s hat is the mostest gayest item on the planet.

Differ venue view from 2nd floor

Differ venue view from 2nd floor

Some of the matches have been leaked so I will just provide tidbits of info.

Foreigner matches not shown on big screen except for Euro’s team
– KX nearly had Uraken … so clooooose
– Tokido was outplayed by Buta and collapsed dramatically on the floor
– Kokujin and Rikimaru were their usual goofy self
– They milked the camera whenever it was on them
Dirty♪ = backdashbackdashbackdashbackdashbackdash
– When Yuki Otoko was playing, Kuroda was behind giving advice


SBO 2008 3S Finals Bracket

SBO 2008 3S Finals Bracket

After all is set and done, the 3S players headed to KSK’s Game-Vision for the overnight session and then to the SBO Party (videos by JWong 1 2 3) held by enterbrain on the following Monday. That concludes another fantastic year for 3S.

I actually ordered Ozhadou merchandise (T-shirts, mug and cap) intending to give away as souveniers and the chance to pimp Ozhadou to Japanese players. However Cafepress had to fuck up my order, so GG to Cafepress I have nothing to pimp.

The 3S reports for this year’s Tougeki unfortunately are pretty much lop-sided and biased, I didn’t visit the other popular arcades such as Mikado regularly, also didn’t play other international players as much. Nevertheless, see you guys next year!

OH Cap

OH Cap

Post SBO ’08 3S quick recap

MOV was using the cast as a 3rd finger. I am not worthy.

I need to change my fengshui. 2 years in a row now Sad Keeper, Inzai and myself so wanted to get in. I’m keeping my mouth shut regarding the quality of teams that tried for last chance Mad Jack can’t read SMS. Last chance was EITHER Kashi or Sugiyama team, in fact both qualified as there’s 2 spots.

When RX Army was announced eliminated everyone went WOOOOOOOAH!!! (it wasn’t shown). Kuroda choked but Ino/MOV rescued. He kept apologising after the finals but some of his matches were pure rape. Ino and MOV turned crybabies … such emotion. Whole place cheered for them.

Overnite session at Game Vision later tonite.


You guys can try asking me stuff, I’ll do my best to answer them. Sorry that the log has been 1-way communication so far.

I wanted to nap before going to G-Vision but overslept sigh now I can’t go to the overnite session. Will be going to Sakura tmr to say my goodbyes and thank Ino-san/Rikimaru-san for hooking me up.

Final Brackets:

re: Osaka teams

oriku is biased as he’s a osaka boy haha. But seriously, K just steamrolled past Yuki Otoko, basically surprising everyone with his very solid Chun play. Before they met in the semis during the interview, Umezono gave Saru a playful shin kick and Saru retaliated Twisted Evil

Saru has a very unique Yun, he goes for knockdowns/resets then sets u up for ambiguous crossup. He karapalmed perfectly during Finals but alas should have burnt Genin-jin to chip remaining MOV life (less than 1 medium punch)

re: SBO intro Mag

Like last year there is a magazine that details the teams and here’s a funny picture of RX army.

re: Last chance qualifiers

This year there is more transparency. Players get to witness the draw and the brackets arrangement unlike last year whereby we just get to see the finalised bracket.

We were invited to see Matsuda randonly pick the team from a box and then filling in the brackets.Here’s the bracket


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